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Doctor/Rose Last Author Standing

Writer in a TARDIS: A Doctor/Rose LAS
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About writerinatardis Rules for Writers Rules for Voting

Thanks to writerinadrawer for many of the original ideas and concepts for this community.

This community was formed because doctor_rose_las languished into the void and I really wanted the concept to continue

This is a challenge community for Doctor Who fic relating to the Doctor and Rose.

The next round of signups will begin today (June 1, 2009) and will go until June 14, 2009. On June 15, 2009, the first challenge will be posted.

So how does it work?
Sign up for the round here. All people who sign up and participate in the first challenge recieve a skip to be used at their discretion.

Each week a challenge prompt will be issued. The purpose is to write a fic that contains the prompt given. For example the words "apple", "pig" and "marzipan" might be given and the writers will have to incorporate those words into their fic. Be creative with your words and think outside the square.

A word limit will also be imposed in order to make it easier for the people judging the fics. The word limit will vary from week to week. There will be no minimum limit.

Deadlines for making the submissions will be given in each challenge post. The times are usually posted in EST or EDT.

Once all submissions are sent to me, they will be posted anonymously and in random order. Writers and everybody else will then vote for both the fic they like best and the fic they liked the least. The story with the most votes will win and the story with the least votes will be voted into the TARDIS.

The winner of each challenge will be given immunity for a round of thier choice until we are down to the last 3 competitors then it is every Time Lord for themseleves.

The author eliminated will have the option to suggest the prompt for the next challenge.

1. Fics must be under the word limit. I'll be using Word 2007 for formatting and using the count feature on that, any fic that exceeds the count will not be entered. Headers and Titles do not count towards the fic word count.

2. Please ensure that the fic reflects the prompts.

3. Fics are to be emailed to writerinatardis [at] optusnet [dot] com [dot] au by the time and date specified in the challenge. I will not chase down authors. If you do not put it in you are out of the game.

4. Fics must be based around Rose and the Doctor. This is a challenge based on the relationship between them.

5. Fics must mention which Doctor is in the fic. Fics should include the following header information and only this information:

6. Self-beta or find a beta who won't be voting. Remember, anonymity is the name of the game. The moderator, in the interest of fairness, will not beta entries.

7. This may seem blantantly obvious, but, please don't post your story anywhere else until the challenge has closed. Once we've voted and the winner and TARDIS-inhabitant have been announced, your stories are yours to do what you please.

8. All ratings are acceptable, fic can be anything from friendship to smut as long as it involves Rose and the Doctor.

9. Please format all fics so that the paragraph break is in the format of ***.

1. Please read all the submissions before voting.

2. Vote for the fic that is best written and reflects the prompts choices in a way that captured you.

3. Please leave a brief reason why you are voting for a fic both the best and not-best fic. It doesn't have to be an essay but a brief sentence justifying why you are voting.

Please remember that your feedback does go back to the writer so if you wouldn't say it with your name attached rethink your comment.

4. Everyone is allowed to vote, even those voted into the TARDIS. However please don't vote for yourself!

5. Voting end date and times will posted with submission posts.

All feedback is available and can be emailed to the author on the author's request.

Any problems or do you have a question? Leave a message here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (comments are screened).

Prompt suggestions are always welcome. If you have a suggestion please leave it here. (all suggestions are screened).

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